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Captain America II

April 6, 2014

Perhaps you recall my review of the first Captain America movie. To summarize: fun, silly in spots, pacing problems, and most annoying of all was Cap not being very Cap-ish when it came to strength and super-soldier-ism.  Still a good movie, but it had issues (that’s a pun on the comic book version, which came out in… monthly issues… not funny if you have to explain it…)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier fixed all these problems.  IF you don’t mind about 7 billion rounds of gunshots, many of them hitting their mark, this is a movie worth seeing.  My wife wouldn’t like it.  If you aren’t into comic book movies, you might not like it, but this was good.

Cap was highly Cap-ish.  The Black Widow didn’t have the annoying on-the-nose dialog (I promised I’d scream if she mentioned “the ledger” again.  No screaming (from me) and it was handled much better, thank you).  Pacing was brisk, casting was perfect (ahhh, maybe Robert Redford wasn’t needed… dunno, someone else could have done as well without the hefty price tag.)  

Over in the Iron Man movies, the casting for Rhodey was poor each time–I don’t care about their acting ability, their voices were so whimpy, middle-school girls sounded tougher.  But here, Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, was perfect. They could not have picked a better Falcon, who was not just a black sidekick but a fantastic character who could pull his weight in his own movie.

Affects were great, story was strong.  It was the best of James Bond and GI Joe you could have in one movie.  No silliness, sly humor and in-jokes for the comic-bookly aware galore.  The set-up for the next movie is more about characters than conflict, though the bad guy Easter Egg may be more about the next Avengers movie than the next Captain America movie (and may I mention that I like the movie take on Captain America far more than the comic book version).  

A final thought; this show was chock-full-of-fight-scenes, which I found annoying and boring in The Man of Steel, but there so many layers to each fight in this movie that it was less about the bang-bang and more about the undercurrent of emotion.

Avengers still is a better movie, but this is definitely the second-best Marvel movie.

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