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The Flood about Noah

March 31, 2014

A big-budget, Hollywood movie has come out about Noah.  Some Christians are up in arms.  There appear to be three kinds of complaint:

  1. It’s a bad movie from a story and effects aspect.
  2. It’s a bad movie because it’s not biblical and it was made by an Atheist.
  3. “I’m just not going to spend my money on this” which I cynically believes breaks down into:
    1. See 2 above and they just don’t want to admit it (or maybe they do)
    2. People who really don’t go see movies.  But if this is they case, why are they talking about it?

Ultimately, any reason you don’t want to see a movie is valid. It’s a free country.

I thought I was going to rail about how negative and complaining we Christians can be, but after Sunday’s sermon I’m going to take it in a different direction.images

Our pastor is excellent about being up front about when he speculates.  I like speculating.  I do it a lot.  I’m going to in just a bit, so watch for it.

I believe the Bible gives us just what we need to know.  A whole lot is going on in Noah’s story, but we aren’t privy to much of it.  Earth is repugnant, God decides to destroy it, picks Noah to build an ark and save his family and the animals.   It’s a well-known story.  For most American’s, they heard it as children and what they imagined isn’t all that different than their current view.  That current view – ANY view, isn’t biblical.  We just don’t have the context we need.  We don’t know the technological advancement of the time, how he built it, what the city around him was like.  The ark is described, but we don’t really know what it looks like.

And right at the beginning of the story is a reference to “the Sons of God.”  Some think fallen angels, some, like our pastor, things they are the sons of Seth.  Such an intriguing phrase and everything we can imagine about it is unbiblical and speculative.  Like I said, I love that.  Here’s my take, but we have to back up first (or go forward and then back).

Today, God is part of humanity’s zeitgeist; everyone has some concept of God, no matter how screwed up; somewhere in our subconscious, that concept hedges our behavior somewhat.  But I don’t think that’s always been so.  OK, into the wayback machine…

This isn’t a popular view and is never preached about because it really doesn’t matter, BUT…

The Bible tells us Cain is afraid to be exiled because people in the cities “out there” will kill him.

What cities?  Most will tell you they’re the cities founded by Cain and Seth.  No, don’t think so.  It just isn’t logical.  Those cities and the people in them co-existed with the Garden of Eden.

A garden is a cultivated space planted or hewn from the wilderness.  The fruit of a garden is superior to the wilderness fruit, and so Adam, Eve and their kids are stronger, faster and smarter than the people in those “wilderness” cities.

The Sons of God are the children of Adam and Eve and their offspring (including Noah).   They are vastly outnumbered by the “out there” people.  They are also stronger, faster, etc.

Who are the “out there people?”  At a guess, I’d say Neanderthal, Cro Magnon and the other pre-Homo Sapiens folk (and not as depicted by modern artists.  They really didn’t look all that different from us.  They, like Jessica Rabbit, where just drawn that way).   Unlike the Garden brethren, they had no idea where they came from.  God was absent from their zeitgeist; an essential governor of behavior was gone.  They were able to build “cities” but their base instincts led them to animal behavior.

The Garden Boys looked on their women with a glint in their eye because maybe they weren’t looking at the heavier brow…

It was this evil society that God extinguished with the Flood (and what an event that must have been!  Boiling hot water bursting from the grown, the canopy dumping from the increased humidity overwhelming them… good times, folks).

I will see Noah, the movie, maybe not in the theaters, but at some point I’ll see it.  It’s always fun to match up my speculation with someone else’s.

And the Garden Boys; Men of Renown… interesting book series idea–

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