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It’s Good to be Wrong

January 12, 2014

I have a sharp memory of being 17, in my car with a crystal suspended from my rear view mirror reflecting sun in quiet rainbows, driving away from school, young, free and open.  A blue sky, a hint of heat through the glass and my typical depression melted away replaced by an unbidden thought of “it doesn’t get better than this.”

I was wrong.  

(And really, that should have been a hint that the usual gray of Seattle wasn’t the place for me to live… it’s the most beautiful city when the sun shines, which isn’t often enough.  My happiest days were always visiting my grandparents in San Diego, and once, riding a horse in the Arizona desert, which was transcendent; but I digress.)

Today, 33 years later, I was walking out of a bookstore after meeting Alyx’s ride for her leadership meeting, got into my van… and the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the car warm… And my oldest son had just made it back to college with a bright future; I’d just finished reading 80% of Charli’s novel, aggravated that she hasn’t finished the last 20%, aware that she is not only a much better writer than I was at her age, she may be a better writer than I am now; Lynette was feeling better and she’s started Nursing school; the future was looking amazing for all my family.  And the thought occurred:  “It doesn’t get better than this.”

And I know I’m wrong.


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