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Of Dislocated Diets and Dislocated Knees

January 6, 2014

Last night we celebrated my youngest’s 16th birthday a couple days early with a ’40s-style party.  It was a wonderful time.  I had some freelance work in the morning, so I couldn’t help prepare much, but to make it up to her, I shaved my beard to a pencil-thin mustache (darkened with mascara because my sugar n’ cinnamon facial hair is invisible when it’s scant).  I also slicked back my hair and parted it in the middle using gel meant for African hair.  It became a helmet.  I looked a bit like a poor-man’s Walt Disney.  We had such a good time we forgot to take pictures. Many people dressed up, so I’m hoping they took some pictures that make it back to us.

A… high point(?)… sad point(?)…tragic point(?)… happened at the end of the party when our sweet neighbor dislocated her kneecap.  Not during the swing dancing but just standing there.  She handled it like a tough chick befitting her name (Katie.  Every Katie I know is tough and strong).  Paramedics came out, firemen came out.  I talked to several, forgetting I looked like a goon to anyone who didn’t know it was a 40’s party…  They managed to pop it back in (there is something really weird about a knee cap being on the side of the leg.  I wanted to cry just looking at it, but Katie barely whimpered.)   A trip to the hospital and a lot of waiting later, and the x-ray revealed no break.  MRI to follow to see about tendons and ligaments.  Right now it’s swollen, in a brace and Katie is on crutches.  What raises it to tragic is that she is the bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding on Saturday.  Oops.

Today was the first day of the experiment.  I’ve done well so far.  Cheese and summer sausage for lunch, carrots for snacks.  Tonight will be the hard part with everyone gone but me.  I’m thinking salad and bowl of strawberries…

Speaking of Summer Sausage, it’s cold outside.  OK, not really, but it is up North.  I was thinking Global Warming (poorly named to mean extreme climate change) had a claim to fame moment, BUT, the exact same thing happened a century ago.  So much for global warming (to be honest, I believe we have a strong effect on the planet,so I don’t shoo it all away, but as long as there are millions of cows, man won’t be the biggest methane producer leading to climate change, no matter what my kids say about me.)



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