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Christian College….

December 15, 2013

I went to a Liberal Arts College.  It was a good education, I learned a lot, some even from my courses.

My son goes to Pensacola Christian College.  I suspect those who have never been to a Christian College write it off as a religious school heavy on the Bible and short on anything that “really matters.”

I can’t speak for all Christian Colleges (and note, I believe there are two kinds of Christian Colleges; the kind where Christian parents send their kids hoping it will do them some good and the kind where the kid is Christian.  The first can be a scary place; the second is amazing), but we went up to Ben’s college to get him for the Christmas break and it was amazing.

Whenever I go to UCF, I walk away with crawling skin and bleak hope for the future.  Attitudes and dress that belong in the Red Light District and worldviews destructive to prosperous living.

At Pensacola, I spoke with a woman picking up her nephew.  She marveled at the respectful dress of the kids; no pants under butts, no filthy t-shirts… it was casual day but it was better than dress days elsewhere.  Kids walked together, smiled, laughed, shared their thoughts about professors.  It’s hard to put into words but it was a studious place.  Beautiful setting, terrific students…. at Chapel we joined the college in a giant theater with three levels.  The instructors were on stage and the president of the college shared an emotional message.  Their collective heart for the students was moving.  For the first time since I graduated college, I wanted to teach again.  To these students, at this school.

I won’t, of course, but I’m so grateful my son is there.  The academic rigor is intense, as it should be.  His business and English courses were challenging, as was his History, math and, yes, Bible.  Lynette and I were again filled with confidence that Ben was in the right place.  Furthermore when kids would see him and light up, “Ben!  Merry Christmas!”

Anyone who doubts the kind of education a student gets at this Christian College needs to reconsider.  I can’t wait to see who Ben becomes there.

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