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What We Get Used To

April 7, 2013

Since I was a wee lad of six to this very day, I’ve experienced a range of pain in my hip as if a penny nail to a ten-penny nail had driven into it (okay, I know nothing about nails, but I’m assuming a ten-penny nail is ten times bigger than a penny nail).  As long as it’s a 5 or lower, I don’t limp.  I’ve gotten used to the pain so when it’s less than 5, I ignore it.  That’s rather funny when you consider if I have a single penny-nail pain anywhere else, I cry like a baby.

It’s made me wonder how much we are willing to live with, just because we always have.  Not just pain, though certainly that, but also disappointment, bitterness, hatred, sin… anything negative, really.

I have a friend with the same bone disease who finally got his hip replaced.  After he awoke from the surgery, he got up and wandered happily down to the nurses station who promptly ushered him back to bed with pain-killers.  “We want to walk on it carefully, not dance down the hall.”  He said he didn’t need the pain-killers because his leg had never felt this good.  It was a half-penny nail.  The interesting thing was that when the leg healed completely, it was a no-penny nail.  No pain.

He said he missed it.

He was so used to the pain that he felt something lacking when it was gone.  He said he would stress the leg just to get a glimpse of the pain before realizing that was certifiable.

How much stuff do we do that with, I wonder?  Might God take away a compulsion such that the addiction to sin is broken, but we never realize it’s gone?  Do we persist in a habit of emotion or sin that really has no power but the power we give it?  Is it possible that it’s been that way since the moment we first believed and never realized it?  The sin was gone, but we stressed it to see if it’s still there?

I guess I should be examining my life for such things.  What about you?

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  1. Leslie Santamaria permalink
    April 7, 2013 7:23 pm

    What an intriguing–and potentially freeing–thought! I’ll have to take that up in prayer with Harry. I suspect there’s a pattern or two I’m giving power to needlessly. Thanks for the helpful analogy.

  2. April 9, 2013 4:03 pm

    There is a lot of wisdom here, Rob.

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