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In a Stunning Reversal, Republicans Demonstrate Leadership for the First time in a Decad

March 27, 2013

Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?  But no, they’re playing the political game of stick your thumb in your eye and call it good.

The whole Gay Marriage deal is a smokescreen designed to cloud the real issues of today.

I take the Biblical view that homosexual conduct is sin and not good for individuals or society.  But I also believe morality can’t be forced.  Live as your conscience tells you to without infringing on anyone else’s rights.

Still, the cry of equal rights doesn’t fall on deaf ears.  I think that’s a fair concern. But to paraphrase Tina Turner, what’s sex got to do with it?  I can think of several platonic relationships that would benefit from primary beneficiary rights who can’t have them.

Marriage is a blessing by God.  The government doesn’t bestow this blessing, all they bestow is a legal contract package that has little to do with marriage.  So if the Republicans wanted to get a leg up, all they would have to do is say, “we’re going to take marriage off the legal table and leave it to the churches.  Instead, we’re going to provide a bundle of primary contracts that any group of people who live together permanently or long-term for any reason can have access to.  You don’t have to be a couple; you might be siblings or an adult child caring for a parent. These contracts bestow no moral agency or recognized relationship beyond the legal aspects, they simple preserve and share the rights of individuals who live in tandem.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what a couple calls their union.  If God chooses to honor that union, that’s up to Him, not you, me or the government.  If George and Steve say they’re “married,” beyond the language issue (there can’t be two “husbands” by definition of the word), if God says they aren’t, they aren’t.  If He says, “OK by Me,” He isn’t going to tell us, so let Him worry about it.  Currently, there’s a couple at work who call each other “husband” even though legally they aren’t.  In their minds, they are.  Let ’em.  It doesn’t cheapen my marriage.

Instead, the obvious solution is ignored and the two sides are at war over something they have no control over anyway.

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  1. March 28, 2013 12:29 pm

    Boy, I don’t envy the Republican Party right about now. The November election showed them–well, the more reasonable among them, anyway–that the Pandora’s Box they’ve opened by embracing the lunatic fringe of the Tea Party and creating the fearmongering, anti-fact, anti-science, anti-compromise right-wing media bubble (led by Limbaugh, Fox, Hannity, Beck et al.) now means that they have zero hope of winning a national election unless they moderate their positions and repair their standing with the (many) demographics they’ve spent the past 30 years undermining and alienating. But much of their existing base will get angry at them if they do that too quickly or loudly, because much of their existing base somehow believes they lost in November because they weren’t right-wing-fringey ENOUGH, and that moderation would be tantamount to surrender, not to dragging their knuckles into the 21st century.

    Gay marriage is a perfect and timely example of this. Rural populations aside, majority public opinion is now clearly on the side of striking DOMA and at least leaving the issue of gay marriage up to the states, if not (yet) simply declaring it a federal right to marry the one consenting adult of one’s choice. The GOP obviously knows this, and they’re quietly saying as much. Heck, even Bill O’Reilly flip-flopped this week and said that the more compelling argument is with the homosexuals, but he (suddenly and astonishingly) has no strong feelings on the topic either way. So I think the GOP is just hanging back and letting the inevitable proceed. That way, when SCOTUS likely decides to strike DOMA, they can thumb their noses at the decision for the benefit of their current base, but then spin it in 2016 that they didn’t fight to keep DOMA so they must now be friends of homosexuals. And as Jeb Bush has telegraphed by trying to bridge his old and new positions on the subject, we’re going to see similar behavior from the GOP on immigration over the next few years–first the same vague and hazy faux-toughness on immigration for the benefit of the right-wing xenophobes, then capitulation on the legislative changes, spun in 2016 into Look! We love immigrants! Will it work? We’ll see, I suppose. It’s all a bet on exactly how dumb the average voter is, and sadly that’s usually a fairly safe bet. But November 6 proved me wrong on that, so we can yet hope. 🙂

  2. March 28, 2013 4:45 pm

    I hope this is the wake-up call to Republicans, I’m just sorry that the Democrats have no such wake-up call, until they bankrupt this country.

    I also hope when you say “lunatic fringe of the Tea Party” that you mean the portion that are lunatics and not that all are. To be fair, the only Tea Party people see are the portions the lunatic media shows.

    As for the stupidity of the average voter, that was proven on November 6, though a vote for either party is beyond stupid at this point.

    We need a logical party that is committed to solutions, not the current batch that are committed to getting reelected and lining their pockets.

    I think “gay marriage” is a smoke screen of silliness. The call for equal rights under the law is fair, IMO, but calling it marriage is just silly. I suppose there are guys who go to the hospital asking for hysterectomies who receive an appendectomy and merrily call it a hysterectomy. May they be happy with their surgery whatever they call it. Removing marriage from government hands is fine. It’s just ironic that the people who want to get married can’t and those who don’t, could. Our society is turned so far on its ear that the other is filling with rainwater.

    Immigration is another simple to solve problem that won’t be. Develop a guest worker program, tax the heck out of them, and everyone wins. The idea of deporting is as stupid as gun control (which has never worked, but by golly, the Dems know people are too dense to realize that); we can’t afford to do either. Are they expecting people to just hand over their guns? Or the immigrants to just walk over the border? It would take billions to make either of these happen, and while both parties love to spend money like they have it, it would be a nightmare and bloodbath.

    It seems to me that educating the poor average idiot and providing real solutions would be achievable, but the press is biased, the politicians are corrupt, and the people can’t hear for rainwater.

    The big question is when the government goes bankrupt, what will people do? Or could another party or two rise from the ashes of the Republicans? I don’t want compromise, I want solutions. Find some non-demagog Democrats and Republicans to embrace change and realize governing isn’t really difficult if you’re willing to risk popularity points. Outlaw polls, lobbyists, corporate funding and institute intelligence in government.

    But we won’t. Not until we have to.

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