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December 15, 2012

My heart echoes in response to yesterday’s tragedy.  As pictures of the victims go up on Facebook, it just becomes more real and chasm opens in my soul.

I’ve seen insensitive posts, silly posts, and some truly beautiful posts.

The insensitive posts are “wisdom” in sound bites.  They may be false or they may be true, but a pithy sentence doesn’t carry any meaning beyond petty insensitivity.

Silly posts politicize it for gun control.  Not just silly but stupid.  I doubt the guns were registered to this kid, proving gun control is worthless.  Some idiot thought if we make guns illegal the supply would go down.  Like that worked for drugs.

Beautiful posts reflected the heroism of the people involved or took the time to build a good essay supporting their concerns.

How do we prevent this from happening?  Gun Control?  No.  If crazy people couldn’t get their hands on guns, they’ll just build bombs.  The PEOPLE are the problem, the SOCIETY that enables these people are the problem.

Kids are hypocrisy detectors.  We all know it.  In their little unbiased worlds, they can smell an adult’s rationalized hypocrisy from a mile away.  And what are they supposed to do with it?  Which do they believe, what their adults say or what they do?

Most Americans would say we have a Celebrate Life culture.  They’ll point at Obamacare and Medicare and Welfare and any number of private or government “life preservers.”   But that’s only part of the message.

The damnable part is the fact that we consider life disposable.  I could rant on abortion, which every un-coached child KNOWS is wrong… an unexpected life isn’t inconvenient for a child so they don’t have a need to rationalize getting rid of it.  I could rant, but won’t.  I’ll just state that this hypocrisy is the base of our problem, but it isn’t the only one.

The big two are protected by the First Amendment and abrogating the Second won’t fix them.

Hollywood and Video Games.  Those are the big two.  Hollywood and Video Games doesn’t celebrate life anywhere near as much as they celebrate death.  In movies, kids who should even be seeing them, but somehow are, see we adults cheering on death and destruction.  They know movies cost millions.  Kids are smart.  There’s money in death.

Video Games allow them to participate in simulated death.  They encourage kids to build a blood lust and a disregard for life.  And for some few, simulation isn’t enough.

If we think about it, we’ll admit that a minuscule proportion will ever act out violently.  Those that do are already mentally weak or messed up.  That’s only true to a certain length.  Yes, it’s the mentally ill who may be nudged over to shooting others, but there are many other kids who may not shoot anyone, but are still affected.  Their own life may not be as precious to them.  Other’s lives might not be precious.  Suicide and assisted-suicide become okay in their eyes.  Others may just internally loath people.

It isn’t the 2nd Amendment that is the problem, it’s the 1st.  But that amendment IS sacrosanct.  We can’t repeal people’s rights to make horrid video games; parents and adults need to instead practice the moral discernment the founding fathers EXPECTED to be practiced within the freedom of speech.

Stop buying bloody games or going to bloody movies.  Send a message to the makers that bloody junk doesn’t sell.

But that would be too easy.  It’s easy for people without guns to tell others they have to give up theirs; it’s difficult for each of us to sacrifice something we like to avoid hypocrisy in our children’s eyes.

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