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AAOTP! (Acronyms All Over The Place)

December 1, 2012

I’m not talking about text shortcuts or military acronyms, oh no, but established companies that suddenly decide to go by their acronyms.

It sort of started with Integrated Business Machines, but everyone had always known them as IBM.  An unfortunate acronym, because when I hear IBM, I think “good for you, but really, TMI, dude.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken switched to KFC to avoid the unhealthy work “Fried” reasoning they could now sell things that weren’t fried.  Or weren’t chicken for that matter.

JCPenny’s is now JCP, which really just pushed it all the way, having started with already with JC.

The final straw came yesterday when I got home and saw the Yellow Pages on my porch.  It’s still there if anyone wants to check.  What a valiant company.  Does anyone use the Yellow Pages anymore?  And will the unfortunate acronym YP (because if don’t, you’d burst, dude!) make anyone use them instead of Google?  IDTS!

Ultimately, you have to feel sorry for one word companies. Target will never be T or Publix P.  Maybe if it’s a bold letter. Whanna hit the Z?  Zaxby’s might get away with it.

Whatever.  Go USA!

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