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November 26, 2012

Things seem to be breaking down.  Our cars, our computers, and now my daughter’s laptop.  My wife tells me things wear out eventually and getting peeved about it doesn’t change that fact.  I think things wear out eventually, but always at the worst possible time when we can least afford it.  It might be a character-building thing (which means it’s failing) or punishment (which is working).  I know I’ve got that theologically flipped around, but knowing and believe are different things (which is practically a whole chapter in my novel, available on Amazon right now!).

What’s weird is that Charli goes through laptops at an accelerated rate.  Which isn’t her fault (the Dr. Pepper spilled on the last one was a sibling’s fault).  This one began with a slow-down of functions that doing all the deleting things didn’t help.  Then it began freezing and Windows stopped responding.  Fine, we’ll try reinstalling Windows through the handy Acer feature.  Learned the hard way, don’t try to reinstall anything when Windows keeps freezing.  Now it won’t get past the Starting Services Setup screen before rebooting.

I have since confirmed the RAM is working and now have the hard drive plugged into my computer.  Virus scan is finally complete.  Now I’ll see if I can finish the reinstall this way…

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