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It’s Enough to Make You Not Want to Travel

September 21, 2012

During a work trip to Jacksonville, I get a text message (while in a training class), The van has been vandalized, call when you can.

First, I was impressed with my daughter’s word choice.  “Vandalized” not “broken into” or “messed up” but the correct choice to communicate a) the van has been damaged b) it wasn’t from an accident c) no one was hurt d) nothing was stolen.  These are important considerations when you’re a hundred-plus miles away and your kids are home alone.

We’ve been puzzling over what drove the lowlife who took a crowbar to our passenger door.  They pried midway up the window frame.  Either the creep was stupid, inexperienced or just wanted to cause damage.  Had he wanted to pop the door, attacking somewhere near the lock would have made sense.  Yet there was literally nothing of value to steal had he gotten in.  I can’t see a gangbanger joy riding in a Dodge Caravan (unless it was Bonnie looking for blog fodder) playing our Christian CDs really loud.

So theft didn’t seem likely.

Random destruction seems odd, too.  Who takes a walk at 4:45 in the morning with a crowbar for a little B’ing (since E’ing wasn’t an objective)?  Ditto a drunken lark (I can just see a bartender, “I’m gonna have to take your keys, but go ahead and keep the crowbar…”)

The crowbar makes it premeditated.  I suppose it could have been a simple pry bar, easily concealed, but the marks and depth of bend seems like a longer crowbar to get the required leverage.  Those are less easy to conceal, suggesting guys riding around in a car.

If the CD case was their objective and if they were color-blind and so couldn’t see the alarm light flashing, how disappointed they would have likely been with 4Him and Bryan Duncan.  But really, a caravan?  Maybe they wanted ‘80s music?

So, $500 later (our deductible) and a soon-to-have new door, I’m shaking my head.  What were they thinking?

Maybe our HOA should think about installing cameras to watch the streets now that we have a pretty but useless wall.  Crime in our neighborhood has normally been at the entrances to allow for a quick getaway.  I’m convinced that the new wall aids and abets the bad guys.  A sentry at each entrance to warn that a cop or resident is coming and the thugs can make a quick dash through a backyard and up and over the wall (try that with the old, ugly wall and they’d have impaled themselves), making the interior homes a better target.  At the very least, dummy cameras prominently mounted on the street lights would prove to be a deterrent.

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  1. September 23, 2012 5:15 pm

    I must confess – I didn’t do it. It’s not a bad idea for a blog topic, except there is just nothing funny about what happened to your van. I can only imagine it was a group of seven people out looking for a ride or maybe an up-and-coming group of singers/gang members – Spike and the Vandals hitting the road in their pimped-up Caravan. These are truly desperate times.

    I feel your pain as we have had our vehicles vandalized before, too. It’s a pain in the neck. I’m so sorry for you guys.

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