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Lessons from My Dog

September 11, 2012


Thunder, our rat terrier, is getting fat (he’s not the only one), so I decided the best way to exercise him was to get another laser pointer.   As a younger dog he would chase that little point of light until moving our arm back and forth exhausted us (he never wore out).

Dogs can’t see color, so I don’t know why the red laser drives him so crazy.  Grizzly certainly doesn’t care.  I’m pretty sure the Chi can see it, but he’s not interested.  Thunder knows it comes from the little tube we hold, but it’s as if the tiny dot is his little friend.  His stub of a tail vibrates wildly and he’ll chase that thing into and up walls.

Or at least he did.

He still loves it, but he’ll only chase it a short while and then stop, breathing heavily.  He used to chase it in circles, too, but no more.  Now when he gets tired (it takes about 5 seconds), he’ll stare at the floor in front of him intently, waiting for it to show up where he wants it to be, not where it is.  He’ll ignore it if it’s too far out of reach (i.e. he’d need to move to get it) and stare straight down.

Boy, does that behavior sound familiar.  I used to pursue ministry, serving here there and everywhere.  Now it seems time has shrunk to a laser point and I serve only if it’s where I’m staring.  If then.  I used to look for opportunity; now I wait for opportunity to find me.

Thank goodness I don’t have a stubby tail to wag furiously….


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  1. September 24, 2012 9:12 am

    I love the point of this post. It’s very in-my-face in a good way. Thanks.

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