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They’re Both a Little Bit Right

August 24, 2012

It would be nice if the Democrats were all wrong and the Republicans were all truthful.  The truth is they’re both full of it yet also a little bit right.   Do the Republicans cow-tow to big business?  Yes, but really so do Democrats.  Do they favor rich people?  In your standard is leftist rhetoric then, yes; if it’s objective truth, it’s also a bit yes.

Are the Democrats the worse thing for the country.  Again, a little bit yes, but so are the Republicans.  It would be nice to say if we could only meet in the middle.  But the middle sucks, too.  What would be nice is if they each stood  up for what they profess to believe; that conservatives are compassionate and that the Democrats loved the poor.  The truth isn’t in the middle at all.  

For the Republicans, they need to say what they aren’t saying “if the government doesn’t do it, then YOU have to.  Non-Profits and the pandered-to corporations have to take up the slack, as they should.”  

Democrats need to say, “we love the poor and that means those that are striving to get out of poverty, you rock; those who aren’t need to suck it up and put some backbone to it.  Those taking advantage of our broken system need to be slapped around.”

We have to recognize there are not free rides on Earth.  If the government doesn’t do it, the people must.  If the poor need help, they need to help those helping them.  And greedy corporations need to change their ways; the non-greedy ones need to point the way.

And finally, every politician needs to worry about the job they were elected to and about getting elected again.  That’s probably the most bi-partisan problem we’ve got.

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