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Misunderstanding the 2nd Amendment?

August 16, 2012

Not much of a gun nut but I do endorse the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.  While I think they’re good for self-defense, the real intent of the framers was not just to protect your pocketbook but to protect your country from tyrants.

When anyone, Obama or Romney or the great unwashed, wonder why anyone would need an assault rifle which is “better left in a soldier’s hands,” it makes me morn for our country.

The assault rifle is a military weapon.  You don’t hunt animals with it, you hunt dictators with it.  Have we forgotten that the Constitution doesn’t just recommend we overthrow our government if it becomes a tyranny, it demands it as our responsibility.

Are we at that point?  No.  I hope we never will be.  I hope our form of government has enough course-correction to prevent it.  It would be nice to think we are far past the era where we would have to overthrow our government, but many of the world’s countries aren’t and it is on the outer fringe of possibility that we might be successfully invaded and occupied one day.

Another Facebook friend suggested we put chips in our guns so law enforcement would know if they were massing.  He missed the fact that A) criminals would just remove the chips, and B) the government is not supposed to be able to track them.  Liberals should love this amendment because it demolishes any conservative argument that privacy isn’t encoded in the Constitution, but it is very much is demanded in this amendment.

I so struggle with the idea of globalization.  If we look at the world’s governments as experiments, most of them have failed or are in the process of failing.  I don’t want America to be like other countries; I want America to be more like America is suppose to be.  Part of that is the ability to MAKE America like it’s supposed to be.  The best way is to stand up with strong voice; I’m not a fan of violence so I hope our guns will never have to be used in revolution.  But if we don’t have them, the need for a revolution will be increased if tyrants have no fear of overthrow.

Which puts me in a quandary. I don’t much like guns.  I really don’t like assault weapons and even less the idea of people having assault weapons.  The Constitution wasn’t written for my comfort, though, it was written to preserve my freedom and freedom can be very, very scary sometimes.

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