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The Super-Rich Are People Too

July 30, 2012


It’s fascinating to me how the super-rich have become America’s enemies in the eyes of so many Americans.  We tend to forget they are people like us (you know, except they live in personal resorts and have most of the wealth of the country and possible look upon us as ants).

But, you say, they have $20 Trillion in tax havens around the world, those nasty evil people.

Do a thought experiment with me for a moment:  You’ve got $1000 in your pocket and stop into a Best Buy.  On the shelves are badly used products, all cracked, chipped, not working, smell bad.  How much of your $1000 are you going to spend?  All of it, because the employees need to be paid and the owner must be broke?  No, you’d turn around and walk out.

People want value for their money.  The Super-Rich aren’t stupid.  Given the choice of no-value for their money or popping it into a haven somewhere so it generates more wealth is a no-brainer.

Now, I’m not talking about illegally walking it out of the country, and certainly loopholes should be closed, but if you want that money to come back on shore, you need to offer them value.  Saying, “You’ve been outrageously successful, so you should support a bunch of people who just haven’t had the breaks you’ve had, or better yet, first give it to the government who will torch much of it in bureaucracy and parley the rest into inefficient programs that perpetuate the problem ” isn’t the best sales pitch in the world.

If we want that money, give value for it.  How many Super-Rich are there?  Is it outrageous to have government account managers who work with individual Super-Rich people and craft customized solutions to bring money back to our economy?


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