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Judge Roberts

July 3, 2012


Politically, this has been a week of disappointments.  Disappointment in the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Healthcare law, and disappointment in the Republican response.

The Supreme Court is a weird entity in our government.  The justices are not supposed to be bi-partisan.  They are supposed to be sharp legal minds who understand the Constitution.  In a sense, from the politician’s stand point, they should be wind-up dolls you select, turn the key and let them go wherever their gears take them.  You can be disappointed in their path, but you put them there and it isn’t right to cry, “bad robot!”

I wish Roberts had gone the other way, but I DON’T wish for him to sacrifice his legal integrity to do so.  If his training, intellect and understanding delivered him to that decision, then that’s the decision he should make. It doesn’t make him liberal or conservative, it makes him a justice.

If his ruling was calculated to have political influence, so not cool, and I don’t think that’s what he did.  He made a ruling to the specific instance and said, “let the chips fall where they may.”

Truthfully, he’s made grounds for its repeal.  He ruled it a tax.  Taxes must be initiated, according to the Constitution, by the House, NOT the Senate.  The O-Care bill was drafted in the Senate, therefore it’s invalid.  If I don’t have a permanent job by the time it kicks in, and can’t afford health insurance and get “taxed” as a result, I’ll be suing on those grounds.

So, to sum up: I disagree with Robert’s ruling, but salute his integrity.

I disagree with the Republican’s bad-mouthing him.  Suck it up.


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