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June 20, 2012

I believe in God.  For a long time I didn’t, not because logic demanded it, but because the alternative was to acknowledge my debt to Him and live by His will and not my own.  To do that I had to willfully blind myself to self-evident truths and live by ridiculous contradictions.  It helped to demonize religion and to misrepresent the concept of God; a fair assessment of Him would be devastating to my denial.  Eventually, I was undone by the Holy Spirit.  The scales fell from my eyes and I was compelled to respond to God.

Several things reminded me of that willful denial in the last few weeks.  Here’s a few of them:

  • A Facebook posting that pointed out that whales, eagles, and polar bears (or somesuch) are protected but unborn children are not.  (Even in my unbelieving days, though, I knew abortion was wrong; expedient and convenient, but wrong).  The same people who clamor about protecting the animals care little about people (who, in their philosophy, IS just an animal).


  • In a book I’m reading, the homicide detective has seen so much evil that he believes God can’t exist.  Yet according to the Bible, the first person born on the planet (Adam and Eve were created, remember) was a murderer. Later, people were chopped up and “mailed” to enemies.  There was a lot of blood curdling stuff in the Old Testament testifying how lost Man is without God, and what is demanded of man if he chooses to live and die by law and not grace.


  • A silly woman on Facebook who maintains that governments grant human rights, not God, because if it was God who granted rights, then which God?  We couldn’t then say theocracies and/or Sharia Law were wrong.  Her willful blindness (and public school education) didn’t allow her to see that if governments grant human rights, then China, Nazi Germany, Thailand, etc are all right and just.  Even if you define the Creator as someone other than the Christian God, human rights are also self-evident. If they don’t pass the “fair” test, they don’t work.  We struggled with this for centuries and some say we still do, but even they go back to the self-evident, fair doctrine.  In fact, it’s BECAUSE God granted us basic human rights that we can say a government is evil and needs to be modified or replaced.  (As a quick aside, and I don’t believe we’ll ever do this, I’ve been wondering what a Civil War today look like.  Short, that much I know.)

Ultimately, I could have saved a lot of heartbreak and years had I been willing to look directly at God and assess His claims.  Biblically, we are to repent and believe, which means we must know ourselves as unrighteous people and believe God is who He says He is.  I remember my early investigations bore no fruit because I demanded God be measured on the scale of Man, conveniently forgetting that His first claim is Sovereignty and Righteousness.  That his purpose for Earth is to redeem the called and everything on the planet is shaped to that end.  Why this strange mixture of common grace, evil, pain, suffering and blessing?  Dunno.  That’s the Sovereignty part, I guess.  But one of the very first truths of the Bible is that humanity is lost without God; we are sinners, evil, corrupt and self-absorbed.  The comfort we Americans enjoy allow us to believe we’re okay, but we’re not.  We just don’t have to strive to survive.  If something were to happen and our survival was on the line, our natural sin would make us murderers and thieves.

God is right about us, He’s probably right about Himself.

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