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Hypoglycemia, Schizophrenia and Aquaman

June 15, 2012


Amazing what seems logical when waking from a dream state.  It occurred to me this morning, fresh from a dream about being amphibious, that if a person were to suddenly acquire the powers of Aquaman, they’d never know.

Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, can breathe underwater, talk to fish telepathically, and due to withstanding the crushing depths of the sea, is super strong.  His hang up is that after an hour he becomes weak and kitten-like (because writers of the early comics weren’t too bright, it was always full-strength at 59 minutes and wimpy at 60 minutes rather than a slow weakening.  No idea if the character still has this hang up, though).

So consider: if a normal everyday guy was suddenly blessed with the powers of Aquaman, he’d be clueless.  Oh, sure, for 60 minutes he’d be incredibly strong, able to pick up cars and bend steel, but he’d have the same problem as with the other aspects of his power.  He wouldn’t know he could breathe underwater because, even if he went swimming, he wouldn’t try to suck water into his lungs since drowning is no one’s idea of a good time.  In the same way, if he didn’t try to lift anything in those 60 minutes of strength, he’d be clueless how strong he was.  Then, after an hour, he’d get all weak and trembley and blame low blood sugar rather than dehydration. The poor guy would think he suffers from hypoglycemia.

Worse, when he hangs out near the ocean, he’d hear voices.  Fish voices.  If he told anyone that the sturgeon wanted equal rights, they’d lock him up fearing schizophrenia.

In that moment between dream and full wakefulness, I thought I had made a medical breakthrough that would free hundreds of people from misdiagnosis.

Even I think it’s weird being me.

Note: In the amphibious dream, it didn’t matter that I knew I could breathe like a fish; that first watery breath was still terrifying.  Kinda fun afterward, though.


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