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Manifest Destiny or Penance?

June 6, 2012

When, and more importantly, why, did we become the police of the world?

Was it penance for entering WWI and WWII late?  Was it the core belief that our way is the right way to run a country and it’s our destiny to usher democracy to the world?  Perhaps a combination?

I do believe our republic is the best and brightest form of governance (despite our glitches, which I’ll ineptly tackle in a few paragraphs).  If so, we shouldn’t overtly fear other forms of government; if we leave them alone (to a degree) our shining example should win out in the end.

I’m NOT endorsing pacifism; Gandhi was wrong to think England should surrender and the Jews should go quietly to extinction.  There is a time for war, when aggression should respond to aggression.  However, when the time comes, action should be swift, complete and non-political.  Our current wars, if they should have been begun at all, should have been finished long ago.

Meanwhile, paying extortion… I mean, foreign aid, to grease the wheels of diplomacy with countries who don’t need the money that we don’t have, or worse, to countries we owe money without applying it to that debt (which is actually borrowing money to give it back… only in Washington, folks), is ridiculous.

There is a moral imperative here, of course, but not on the government’s part.

What a different world we’d have if the authors of the Constitution had stood up to the South and outlawed slavery.  So we may have lost some states for awhile, but certainly not for long.  Instead, slavery became the lever to induce Federalism.  Don’t get me wrong, I applaud Lincoln, but the Gettysburg Address ushered in Federalism and with it a virtually unchecked entity to project its will on the world.

Now we find ourselves in the same hysterical dilemma as our populace; does wealth and success require you to care for all those who didn’t work as hard at the right things?  The answer is “no.”  Our country owes no other country a thing other than open doors and consultation.  Leave a country to prosper or hang by itself.

This philosophy means Korea and Viet Nam should have been allowed to be swallowed by their neighbors.  Or does it?  Did China’s involvement predicate ours?  Perhaps.  If so, decisive actions rather than the political maneuvering that lost the Viet Nam war, where we won every battle but lost the war, should have been employed.  Both “conflicts” could have been drastically shortened.  On the other hand, if we don’t have the will to aggressively prosecute, we should stay home.

Let’s pull back from the world and get our own home straightened out.  Then and only then, have open dealings with the world’s countries and not clandestine fingers in every pie.  Go where we’re invited and compensated.  If a country needs our help, they do it our way, all the way.

We have all the room we need.  Let the rest of the world catch up.  

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