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A Morning in the Life

June 5, 2012

Let me take you through my thoughts of this morning for a moment.  Glancing at Facebook today, I saw a contact was opposing a law making it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals when hiring.  My initial thought was, “who cares what an employee does on their own time?”  Then I recalled an incident at a fast food restaurant where a counterperson was just flamingly effeminate and extreme.  This was a teenager decked out in makeup and limp-wristed glory.  I would have been amused if it hadn’t been so sad.  Several people were clearly offended.

Now, this kid wasn’t necessarily gay, so it was his behavior, not his “orientation” which presented a bad branding experience for the restaurant.  But if the law passes, then if this kid gets fired for being too obnoxious, he’d sue under that law.

Which made me wonder if we need anti-discrimination hiring laws at all?  Shouldn’t a company be allowed to hire whoever they want and not those they don’t want?  If a company persists in discrimination, wouldn’t their company be harmed without a law doing the harming?  Who would want to work for a company that didn’t want them, anyway?  And really, haven’t we gotten beyond discrimination?

Then, as if in answer, I got an alert from our HOA that that two very young black children have gone missing in our community.  Now, I’m not particularly wired into the media, but I listen to radio and I haven’t heard a word about missing kids.  I’m fairly sure if they had been white kids it would be blared everywhere.

Then I had to wonder; if it had been my kids, I’d alert the world, hound the police, get word out on radio and TV and make a huge, gigantic stink until they were found.  Is media attention only granted to people like me?  Did the parents of these kids simply not get the word out (again, having read Outliers and the difference between parents in poverty and those in the middle class or higher, his research suggests such passivity may indeed be the issue)?  Or is the media discriminating?

Then, of course, I had to consider the Boy Scouts gay Den Mother who was ousted for her gayety.  How do I feel about that?  I was in the Boy Scouts for about a month until I found out you had to work for merit badges and hang out in groups.  Neither was my thing, so I quit. Would bedroom antics prevent someone from being a good Den Mother?  Probably not.  Yet, the Boy Scouts is about building character and morality; if they deem homosexuality as wrong, who has the right to say they must not?

In the response to an earlier post, a friend asked why homosexuality was being hammered while Paul’s Biblical list of drunkenness, adultery, liars, thieves, etc weren’t?  Probably because drunks, adulterers, liars and thieves aren’t trying to make their proclivities acceptable and morally justified.  Just as I think George Zimmerman created the situation he’s being tried for, homosexuals are creating the situation of opposition (not beatings, murder or other horrific things… that is completely unacceptable).  Would people morally opposed to homosexuality be making a big stink if everyone kept their own bedroom hijinx to themselves?  I don’t think so.

Now, I do think that there are millions of people who once considered it immoral if they thought about it all who now have decided they had been wrong and it’s morally okay.  Why?  Because of the push from gay people that they A) be called gay, not anything else, and B) just want to be just-folks.  So the gay campaign has been successful except for those who really do care about morality and not a convenience-centric conscience that seems to be the American norm outside some churches.  In fact, the only morality is that we should each be able to choose our own morality (which the Bible refers to as, “and everyone did what was right in their own eyes” which was NOT a good thing).  I don’t particularly think people who don’t believe in absolute morality should be held to it if they “harm” no one… and that segued me into considering how often pragmatism is immediately positive but often long-range negative.

Pragmatism is the choice of evils, but we too often lose sight of the fact that a pragmatic choice IS still evil.

And there you have an example of the morning stew in my brain.  Sometime I’ll walk you through what my thoughts are like when I’m fully awake.

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