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Organization and Scrambled Eggs

May 10, 2012

I so admire the super-organized people of the world.  And even the moderately organized.  And really the people who just toss their junk in individual buckets.  Me? My system deals with semi-flat surfaces, as in, if my stuff won’t roll off, that’s a good place to put it, whatever it is.  To me, the greatest filing system ever is the floor.

There were big pile ups on the road ahead, the traffic jock said over the radio, “so give yourself extra time going home.”

I want that.  Tell me, how do you give yourself extra time?  I just knew this “24-hours a day per customer” was a myth that only my family and I bought into.  We read about people on Facebook with 20 kids who fly across the world daily, participating in high culture and country dances, sporting events and art classes… and we KNOW they must get more time than we do.  It’s all we can do to get a few things done before collapsing in bed and few of those things happen outside the house.

To me, super-organized people are like eggs.  Everything tightly in its place.  Moderately organized people are Eggs-in-a-Frame, a culinary delight where a hole is cut into a piece of bread, placed on a skillet and an egg is broken into the middle.  No flowing whites or yolks, all neatly contained.  The bucket people are scrambled eggs with a lump here and a lump there.  We’re the Humpty-Dumptys and their little egg children, smashed to bits on the floor. 

After awhile, we’ll stink.

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