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Daylight Savings Time Past its Prime

March 12, 2012

Even on the face of it, it doesn’t make sense.  Saving daylight?  It’s dark now when I drive in to work.  So not only am I even more tired on the drive, I don’t see as well (further, by the time I’m coming down university, the sun is directly above the university in my sightline.  Today was misty so it wasn’t too bad, but on a clear morning?  Not gonna be pretty).

It’s going to be daylight later in the day, so I’ll have more reason to feel guilty for not doing much after I get home (and more on that note, but off topic, it occurred to me this morning when I saw that my wonderful son had put out the garbage that in two years when he’s off to college I’ll have to be doing that myself!  And mowing the lawn!  No, wait, Charli and Aly will still be here…)

Yesterday I was teaching my 4th and 5th graders at church, but it was a near thing.  At the start of class we had 2 kids instead of the usual 11.  Within 15 minutes we were up to 6.  It was a good lesson; lives may be ruined for the kids who missed it.  All because of DLS (and rain).  That’s on your head, Mr. Franklin.

Most of my freelance clients are in states west.  I have a hard enough time knowing how the time zone differences impact my interview times, now I have to remember which intelligent states don’t observe DLT and if we’re catching back up or falling behind (what a great day it was when I called a client at 4 in the morning their time.  Whoops!)

How many of us work in the fields these days?  Is DLT necessary anymore?  I mean farmers keep weird hours as it is and the few I know get up prior to sunrise anyway.

So I propose we split the difference.  We jump a half-hour back and relegate DLT with Franklin Stoves and kite flying in thunderstorms… a quaint and wacky idea better left ignored.

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