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Atomic Bombs

March 2, 2012

I’m agin’ ‘em.

Saw an amazing YouTube video that displayed a world graphic and tracks the atomic bomb explosions since their inventions, breaking them out per country.

Two have been detonated as acts of aggression (or pacification, I suppose you could say).  2000+ test detonations have occurred with over half in our Western US (explaining California’s wackiness, methinks).

OCD Moment:  TheUStally hovered in the high 900s for a couple years.  I’m thinking, “come on, just a few more to hit the thousand mark…”

2000?  Really?  We haven’t figured out if they work yet?  And we think it’s a good idea to touch them off on our own soil?  (Come on, if you have to test them, there’s several sites in the middle East that could serve better than Nevada!)

My conspiracist friends are freaked about the radiation fromJapanthat hasn’t been reported.  Seems to me, we’ve got several glow-in-the-dark caves of greater concern.

Military spending is weird stuff.  Best case scenario, all the taxpayer money we spend goes unused.  Planes and ships built but never used in combat?  Good deal.  I’d rather pay for a gun than bullets.

Yay, yay, Saddam’s dead.  But he taught us something.  A big lie works.  “WMDs?  Yep, got tons.”  That lie moved a lot of military force and left Bush with egg on his face.  How ‘bout we do the same thing?  “Nukes?  Yep, tons. Back off.”  And then we quietly dismantle what we’ve got.  MAD works if they just think you’ve got them.

I really wish Ron Paul’s foreign policy could work. Maybe if we built a wall around and a dome over the Middle Eastand leave it up until they enter the 21st century, it would.

Okay, a bit more on Ron Paul.  His policies of non-intervention would only work if our enemies had short memories.  We muck around too much in the world (yes, I do agree with that.  Some is necessary; we take it too far), and the muckers aren’t forgiving (remember, they’re at war with people for a slight from 3000 years ago).  Leaving terrorists alone won’t take us out of their crosshairs.

Still, it’s time for the wars to be over (okay it was a long time ago).  This last week has proved that.  Gear up the Special Forces guys to handle the rest.

And let’s de-nuke or at least de-test them. 🙂

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