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Why I Don’t Blog for Money

March 1, 2012


I’ve been asked, prodded, and encouraged to monetize my blog. Other than a stray ad, though, I won’t.

Partly because I don’t have a niche I’m passionate about, like Debi is at The Romantic Vineyard, which is a phenomenal blog that has deservedly grown to mammoth proportions (Debi hasn’t monetized her blog either, but if she wanted to, she easily could).  Me, I prefer to ramble on about whatever passes through the intestines of my brain.  No focus, completely whim driven.

Nor do I have the wonderful, consistent skill of Bonnie Anderson at Shipbound for Tarshish.  Bonnie has a wonderful way of brightening my day and making me laugh.  Bonnie’s is the ONLY blog I subscribe to where I actually read every post.  I’m more faithful to her blog than I am my own.  There is no consistency to my blog.  Sometimes I’m mad, sometimes (rarely) funny, sometimes ranting, sometimes musing.  Other times, just hacking people off.

I don’t have the kind of burgeoning talent that just flows from my daughter’s blog, Cowgirl in Training.  My talent lays more toward long-forms, like novels and screenplays and overly long posts.  Swanstuff is a blog that skims off the surface of my brain, while Charli’s is a charming combination of whimsy and depth, giving us a view of the major talent that will soon dominate the literary market.

My blog is akin to the old crusty character hanging out on a storefront porch with opinions about everything and an addled brain that skips like a warped record from song to song with no coherent map or GPS to follow along.  There were breadcrumbs, but I must have gotten hungry and ate them.

Finally, I tend to live by the Golden Rule, and since I hate SPAM, I won’t spam other people’s blogs to promote my own.  And, hypocritically, I’m not much of a blog reader, so I don’t want to legitimately follow someone’s blog to track back to mine.  My novel(s) and screenplays are probably doomed to the same dust as my blog because I abhor self-promotion.   Which is too bad; they are actually pretty good if I do say so myself (oooh! Self-promotion, I better go drown my guilt in chocolate!).

Oh, and I don’t think anyone would pay to read my blog.  There’s that.

On the other hand, if you know people with the attention-span of a gnat who paradoxically likes to read long, rambling posts and are known for burning out remotes by flipping from show to show while experiencing mood-extremes and emotional burn-outs, then send ‘em my way!


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  1. March 5, 2012 5:13 pm

    Aw, thanks for the plug and I am honored to have the distinction of being the only blog of which you read every post. Thank you, Rob. And, I might add, I don’t mind promoting you when I get the chance. I love your writing and can’t wait to read whatever comes next.

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