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My Thoughts on the Susan G. Komen Foundation

February 16, 2012

“For the Cure” is their slogan.  I can’t say enough how disappointed I am in this foundation.  To be fair, “buyer beware” apparently should apply to “givers” as well, so it’s as much my fault as theirs, I guess.

Color me strange, but if the slogan is “for the cure,” I oddly expected all non-administrative funds to go to, you know, finding the cure. 

I give to the American Cancer Society, expecting that money to go to a variety of cancer-related areas, such as care, research, information and family support.  They were wonderful to my mother and I am glad to support it.

As for Komen, I first heard about it when I interviewed a celebrity who gave much of her time to the foundation, then again at Jersey Mike’s with their six-month fundraising campaign.  We’ve got a dozen of the pink cups and we pitched in an extra buck for “finding the cure.” 

Then, joy to the world, a cure has been found and is working its way through the FDA.  In seven years, if the virus continues to work as expected, breast cancer and several other cancers will be done with.

Silly me, I kept expecting an announcement from the SGK Foundation trumpeting the good news. 


Then the news of the Planned Parenthood grants came out.  Okay, I know I should research charities before contributing and I normally do, but really, how could research into breast cancer go wrong?

Oh!  It isn’t all “for the cure.”  In fact, only 25% is going to research (may be a suspect statistic, I admit.  It came from Jersey Mike’s website).  Regardless of the amount, or even the good intentions, it’s misrepresentation.

I admit raving bias against Planned Parenthood for all the usual reasons, abortion, contributing to human trafficking, end-around on parents, and all the rest, but you have to be naive to think any money going into an organization, no matter if it’s earmarked for dubious health exams (NOT mammograms as PP claimed, but manual exams which anyone can do) will simply displace budgeted funds to somewhere else, and we all know where those funds will go, making anyone who gave to SGK a contributor to abortion.

Because of the controversy, their funding dropped, so they reversed the decision and fired the CEO.  Understandable.  Gotta keep the coffers full, right or wrong (but then, our society doesn’t seem to understand right from wrong anymore).  After all, that cure must be found (except it has been). 

At the very least, change the slogan from “for the cure” to “for whatever we want your money for.”

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