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January 23, 2012

For some reason I love seeing the media hammered into jelly.  As an old-school journalist, I’m appalled by the lack of ethics displayed by today’s journalists.  So it was with great joy that I watched Gingrich throw down on the moderator in the last debate.  It was sufficient to cow John King for most of the evening.  The media needs a good slap down, preferably daily.

Newt has many personal foibles to shoulder; many mistakes of judgment and character.  I do believe he is addicted to power and has a nasty temper.  Yet I do respect his ideas and what I believe is an ability to carry them out.

Four people remain as candidates.  Other than Paul (who I used to like until I realized that approval was based on wanting to live in the world he described, but that world doesn’t exist… there is a morbid interest to see what he would do as president, but I couldn’t vote to put him there), I think the three remaining would be good presidents with Gingrich having the potential to be a great president… or a terrible one.

Friends have endorsed Rick Santorum.  There’s just a little too much petulance and play-it-my-way-or-I’ll-take-my-ball-and-whine to him.  Still, I think he’d make a good president and if he gets the nomination, I’d vote for him.

Mitt Romney would do fine.  He doesn’t thrill me, but he’d be steady and a vast improvement to what we’ve got.  However, he reels when attacked.  His speech falters and stumbles and you can tell he doesn’t like to be confronted.  Rick and Newt seem to love it and it’s an important quality for a president (note Romney’s shift to the left as Governor; because he was in a liberal state or because he shies from confrontations?)  If he gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him and hope he improves things.

Newt, though, would be my vote in the primary if I was a Republican and could vote (but I admit to being relieved I can’t).  I like big ideas.  I like a bit of grit and fight in the dog.  I think he’d be driven to turn things around just to secure his place in history.  Not the best motivation, but not bad, either.

Still, I heard something awful on the radio.  The host queried a woman if the accusation that Newt asked his first wife for an open marriage put her off.  She said, “No, because I’m not going to judge him by the standards of back them but by the standards of today.”

I wanted to gag.  MY standards of today find what Newt did back then (the affair, not what he may or may not have asked his wife) reprehensible.  Many of his actions, temper tantrums and comments of the past would enrage me.  I support Newt out of a desire to live by my standards, which say a man who repents and believe on the Lord gets his past wiped away.  MAYBE it isn’t wise for a former power-holic to reach for reigns of power, but my God is a big God and He can wipe all that out if He chooses to.  I’m reminded of Lincoln who had his conversion in the White House.  Who he became saved this country.

Rick Perry’s concession speech and endorsement of Newt was classy and a testament to his faith in action.

Nonetheless, we have a potentially interesting possibility for this election.  I presume Paul will not get the nomination and one of the others will.  I also suspect that he MAY run as an independent.   Unlike Ross Perot, though, he could actually be elected.

We’ve never had a viable three-way race, and contrary to opinion, Paul would not ensure an Obama win.  He pulls hard from both sides. 

Still, if Obama does win, we may move toTexasand hope they really do succeed.

My, don’t we live in interesting times?

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