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Must Resist…

January 17, 2012

I’m a gadget guy.  Love me that technology.  I’ve got two Nooks and a Kindle.  The lure of the Kindle Fire is strong, but ultimately, it’s a content reader, not a content creation machine.

So let’s talk about the incredible lure of the Tablet PC.  Okay, I’d love to have an iPad, but Apple price tags are too high.  Love my iPhone, but a tablet must speak with my PC, so cost and functionality punt the iPad.

Fortunately, I love my wife more than tech, so when her schooling would be greatly helped with a tablet, we bought her the Acer wonder-tablet with Android OS.

What a boondoggle.  The interface is confusing and it couldn’t handle the e-textbooks we got it for.  I’ve sat down with it to play with it and couldn’t figure it out in the few minutes I had to throw at it.  So punt the Acer Android.

 Ah!  But Acer makes a Win 7 OS version too.  I was salivating to try it and fortunately CompUSA had one.  It was ssslllloooowwwwww.  It took minutes to open the browser and navigate to my website.  Very disappointing.  Punt.  So I went down the line of tablets to benchmark the time it took to get to my website.  The only decent one was the HP tablet, but HP was getting out of the PC manufacturing and support biz, so no-go there either.  Highlight: All the tablets were displaying my website.  J

Now I hear about the Toshiba Thrive.  Very good reviews.   All sorts of hookups.  Still an Android, but the 40 page review on Amazon says the interface is easy and everything else is great… in exhaustive detail.  I love my Toshiba laptop.  Love love love it.


But do I NEED a tablet?  No I do not.

But I want one.

Must. Resist.  (Must look up CompUSA hours) Must. Resist!  (could have watched the debate last night)  Must. Resist.  (could upload to my blog rather than post a bunch at one time) Must. Resist.

My willpower sucks.  Fortunately, my checking account sucks more.  No tablet.


For now….

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  1. January 17, 2012 8:48 pm

    Tablets are way cool, but is cool enough? Why yes, sometimes it is. Glad you are resisting – what willpower!

  2. January 21, 2012 12:26 pm

    Stopped by Best Buy to check out a Thrive. Very heavy and the same interface as Lynette’s. I’ll just wait for something better, cheaper, faster… pick two.

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