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Same as it Never Was

December 20, 2011

Liberals, and I’m including Libertarians and Democrats in that category, as well as some Republicans, for that matter, fall prey to a common misconception that confounds scientists, writers and laymen.  Uniformitarianism – the belief that what is is what was is what will be, or that all of a thing is the same.

For scientists, that means they often believe that the world follows a stable, rarely changing path.  Vulcanism remains constant, weather holds the same patterns, the plasma field has always been “off.”

For writers, we tend to make all our characters the same (oddly like ourselves).

But we were talking about liberals, so let me pounce on them for a moment and why they are dangerous for not just the country, but the world.  Liberals believe that people all over the world are motivated by the same things.  Our hierarchy of needs is constant.  We live as individuals so everyone lives as individuals.

Take Ron Paul, for example.  His foreign policy sound logical.  And if other countries were just likeAmerica, he’d be all right and not just fractionally right.  The truth is, thinking as an individual is largely a Western philosophy based in Christianity.

North Koreans aren’t morning the death of the dictator because they think he was a wonderful man; they morn because they don’t have a concept of making decisions for themselves.  As a dictator, Kim-whoozits, kept his people in a state akin to adult-adolescence.  They’ve been told all their life what to do and now they’re thrown into the most terrifying realm for adolescents: change.

Foreign policy where we expect Middle Eastern people to act like we would is naïve.  Technology has no means to gather intelligence on a people’s psyche; that takes human operatives.  It would be great to be able to conduct all our spying through drones, but it simply isn’t enough.

Let’s take a test.  If you ask Americans, “do you think theUSAis going to grow geographically bigger?  Are we going to expand north or south?”  Most would say no.  They might say, well, Puerto Rico or part ofMexicomay someday be new states, but no, our borders are pretty much established.

Then ask them, “do you think all other countries think the same thing?”  In our minds, we think the globe is pretty much set.  We’d be surprised to discover that most countries actively plan to increase their borders by absorbing or invading their neighbors.  Sure, notCanadaorEngland… well, notCanada… but theMiddle East? Africa? Even Central andSouth America?  They got designs, folks.

The Argument of First Principles has been lost on people.  We so easily assume that everyone around us has the same First Principles.  Even we Christians tend to think our unbelieving friends have the same FP.  But it’s our core beliefs that drive us.  Look how needlessly noisy Atheists have become, despite the evidence of good that religion has performed in the world.  Instead, they focus on the bad, the corrupt, the evil men who have used religion to their own end (who have FP similar to Atheists).

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics are all different.  We look the same on the outside, but inside we’re driven by different motives that when push comes to shove, will send us off in different directions.

Consider Apocalyptic stories where civilizations fall to kill or be killed in no time at all.  “Come on, we’d never cheat our neighbor!”  You’re right, some of us wouldn’t, but depending on First Principles, many would.

We often don’t know who we are until times of crisis.  We NEVER know who our political friends and enemies are.

As you gauge who our president should be, take this into account.  If he/she wants to deal with foreign powers as if they have the same goal of peace and co-existence we think we have, vote for someone else

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