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My Politics in a Big Old Nutshell

December 20, 2011

To define my political views, I am economically conservative and socially Libertarian, which, to the first, means I want small government, a balanced budget and no debt—if I should do it, so should the government.  As to the second, I think people should be free to do what they want as long as it doesn’t impinge on other people’s rights, as long as unborn children are seen as people.  Yes, that means abortion must go.

I believe morals should be encouraged, envisioned and empowered, but not legislated.  As for specific topics, see below.

Abortion: As practiced in America, abortion is the new gold rush.  For doctors it is easy, lucrative and quick.  It is also reprehensible and is evidence of what’s really wrong with America.  People frame abortion as a woman’s right but it’s a woman’s consequence for which death is not a solution.  We as a people have defined freedom as “freedom from consequences” but it’s really “freedom to do what you wish with full acceptance of the consequences.”    Biblically, pregnancy, in or out of wedlock, is not a sin.  It’s a consequence of sin in the case of premarital sex.  Consequences are not sin and must not be discarded like sin should be.  And as consequences go, a baby is pretty wonderful, and probably a picture of how God turns anything into beauty.  Yes, that means victims of rape or incest should carry the baby to term.  The baby is a person and didn’t ask for their conception and should not be punished for it, either.  Having said that, if abortion is to become illegal again, then private crisis pregnancy centers and care must be vastly boosted up.

Homosexuality: No marriage, sorry, and no adoption of kids.  Civil unions, fine.  In the military, fine (Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell should be a principle, not a legality).  Virtually any employment (except churches or organizations for whom it is against their virtues) is fine.  Like anyone else, if they get preachy or disruptive, or in the class-room proselytizing, then they should be fired.  Other than marriage and age minimum, leave them alone; they’re adults and if they don’t tread on your rights, don’t tread on theirs even if you disagree with them.

Legislating Morality:  Laws should protect rights and that’s all.  I take that stance from Christianity.  The Old Testament Law didn’t work.  Blind obedience is ugly to the Lord while whole-hearted obedience is loved by God.

Drugs: Legalize them but regulated them heavily.  Employers already have a strict no-drug policy.  I think PSA campaigns showing how stupid and wrong it is, is great, but we certainly haven’t stopped drugs.  We can stigmatize them without criminalizing them.  Wrap laws around their use.  Caught driving under the influence (and this includes alcohol) then three years in jail.  Hurt or kill someone under the influence, then prison for life.  Also, IF universal healthcare is offered, registered drug users are exempt, as should be heavy drinkers and smokers.

Universal Healthcare: No.  Accessible Healthcare, yes.  Increase options to include low-cost solutions; reform health care so it’s about doctor/patient and tort reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits.  As everything else, insurance should be worked for.

Prostitution: No, sorry.  Most prostitution is human trafficking and victimization.  Most “professional” prostitutes (those willingly engaged who have other options but don’t choose them) are young and while I resent the government “saving us from ourselves” this is the one time where it’s appropriate.

Public Schools:  More choices, please.  I like the Magnet School concept; I think God and prayer should be included voluntarily in school.  It is in the government’s and society’s best interests to encourage strong values and morality, so school is a perfectly appropriate place to offer elective and opt-in options for Christianity.  Charter Schools could help here.  Though, obviously, in that case, there will be Charters for Islamic and other religious schools.  Better if everyone home or virtual schools, but that isn’t always possible.  I do think virtual schools will be the wave of the future for K-12 and college.

The Wars: I’d like to be more decisive here, but I know I’m hopelessly naïve when it comes to foreign policy.  I’d like Ron Paul’s stance, but it would have to be a much better world for that to work.  I’ve advocated Huntsman’s view of strong intelligence networks sharing information with Special Forces teams performing surgical strikes instead of what we’ve currently got going.  Then there’s the Gingrich side of me that says, heck with it, it’s WAR, blast ‘em to Hell and get it over with.  To do that, though, there has to be compelling reason.  This is the one and only time you’ll hear something quasi-positive about Obama, even if it is backhanded: He learned something he didn’t know once he got in office and even though he had planned to pull them out, he knew he couldn’t and didn’t.  He got elected for, among other sad reasons, his naïveté in thinking he could bring them home.  I don’t like his politicizing it, and I certainly don’t trust him as the CiC, but I think ultimately, I have to admit the administration has more knowledge than I have so a real, firm decision about the wars isn’t possible.

The Death Penalty: I really do detest it.  I don’t think we do it right, and yet, I think it’s necessary.  It isn’t a matter of revenge or even justice.  It’s a matter of surgery, cutting out the reprehensible from society.  It should be done only in extreme cases, but those cases exist, so we need it.

The Economy: Straight party line, here.  Lower taxes, much lower spending, relaxed regulations and company-friendly policies.  To get the economy rolling, we need jobs and for that we need to bring businesses back toAmerica.

Immigration: Gingrich is right.  Illegals who have sunk roots and are contributing to society and the economy should be able to stay as legals.  Those who are dangerous or a drain, send ‘em packing. 11 million people is too big and costly to deal with effectively unless you get them helping.  Make getting in here easier, too.  I’m okay with a guest worker program.

The Border: A fence is ridiculous. Technology and boots.  Get over it.


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