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It Doesn’t Take a Tribe

December 20, 2011

Perhaps this post will make Sociologists cringe.  I fell asleep in my Soc classes, to be honest, but that doesn’t mean I don’t consider things sociologically because I often do.

To wit: Why the Middle East and Asia are Such Pains in the Butt.

Once upon a time, Persian and Asian dynasties flourished.  They were the seat of innovation.  Now they are thorns in world progress.

The answer to why is in the Bible.

Consider the Old Testament.  The world was tribal.  Jews were tribal.  Countries in Asia, Europe and Africa were tribal.  North and South America was tribal.  It was a very violent time and that’s because tribalism is by its very nature violent.

Here in the West we call tribalism “mob rule” and so it is.  When your concern is for a large, disparate group, you’re defending people who are all over the map principle-wise.  Such a group is hard to organize and when they are, they try to take over other tribes. Violently.

Now consider the New Testament.  Jesus didn’t just usher in salvation and redemption, he effectively ended tribalism.  While the sins of the mob were an Old Testament concern, Jesus brought it down to individual responsibility.  Might no longer made right.  He didn’t reinstitute the 12 tribes (though he will in Eternity, because at that time tribes will be of one principle… His), he promoted both individualism and family.

Jesus socially evolved his followers and the countries that looked to him.

England segued into colonialism (and we’re threatening it), and discovered that eventually tribalism trumps colonialism, because the oppression of colonialism fosters tribalism.  If you don’t know your American history, the revolutionists really were tribal in their thinking, but through the genius and blessed efforts of the those same revolutionary leaders, they refused to encode or enforce it in the resulting government.

Until the Middle East “grows up,” I think our efforts to spread democracy there are doomed to failure.  Until a group can accept individual accountability, they cannot accept freedom.

We have to be careful today, as our own class warfare and entitlement programs devolve us back to tribalism (remember a book called “It Takes a Village”?  No, it takes a family dedicated to raising responsible adults, something liberals are undercutting at every turn).

If we want to effectively spread democracy, the opportunity is before us.  Pull back to our shores, rebuild personal accountability and develop a comprehensive energy program leading to energy independence (because oil is financing tribalism “over there”) watch our economy flourish.  While much of the rest of the world suffers, Western civilization will become a beacon (and, yes, a target to the tribes who become crippled, but without the financing of foreign oil, what can they do?)

Yes, we still need human intelligence gathering throughout the world (sorry Dr. Paul) to know what’s heading our way, but let’s focus on home right now.

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