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TRON: The Apology

October 8, 2011

First, some background.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn is also known as “Star Trek: The Apology.”  ST: The Motion Picture was SO bad that STII had a lot of ground to recover.  ST:TMP was glacial in pace and over indulgent of “look at the Enterprise!  Look at our cool toys!  Let’s take 20 minutes to show off our models over and over again!”  ST-II, however, was great, one of the best Sci-Fi films made and the best ST film (until the latest knocked it out).

Enter TRON.

The original was a fantastic idea, effects-heavy when the effects weren’t up to it, overly complicated and, again, glacial in pace.

Now it’s 2010 and the effects can be stunning, so along comes TRON: Legacy nee TRON: The Apology.

Remember, Star Trek looked at the first and got the second right.  Here, TRON looked at the first and repeated itself with even greater failure.

Slowing down the glacial pace to continental-drift pace and stealing ST:TMP’s fatal error of obsessing on graphics and models rather than incorporating it into the action (making effects the star, which NEVER WORKS), T-II was still overly complicated and yet somehow not complex.  It’s funny, the most interesting thing they came up with was the ISO-whatever girl coming through to our world… and that’s where they ended the movie.  The ENTIRE movie could have been easily compressed into the first act (and what a rollicking first act that would be), and the rest on ISO-girl doing whatever she’s supposed to do out in the air (never understood what that was supposed to be, but it had to be more interesting that the movie).

I wonder how such dreadful scripts get the green light.  If it was bad in the movie, the 70-page script would have been worse, with the poor dialogue, intense exposition, and lack of organically-interesting characters (jazzed up by “Zeus’s” decidedly odd portrayal, the character was still a “huh?” element).

You can always tell when a script acted by Jeff Bridges is bad; he phones in his performance.  I used to think Jeff was just a bad actor (Starman will do that to you), but he rises or falls to the level of the material.  A better human would simply refuse the garbage scripts, but clearly he’s in it for the money and takes whatever is thrown his way… can’t really argue with that; actors have to eat, too.

Haven’t seen it?  Don’t waste your time.  Have seen it?  Sorry.

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