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Live! From Tampa, FL!

September 12, 2011

With every debate there seems to be a failure.  In the case of the Tea Party Sponsored Debate in Tampa, it was the moderator who earned a FAIL.  Otherwise, some improved, some maintained and others disappointed.

In the last debate, I would have to say Huntsman won the debate, though not my vote.  Here’s my opinion of the candidates for this debate.

(Note: I’m likely misspelling some names; they aren’t worth my time to look up.)

Huntsman: Disappointment.  He took the high road and cut through the BS in the last debate.  This time, he sunk to cheap shots and evasive answers.

Bachmann:  Much better (but then she’d have to).  This was her A game, tonight, though still not up to snuff (“I led…” but… “she failed.”)

Cain:  I love this guy.  No way I’d want him for president, but I love him.

Romney: Still playing Teflon.  Still can’t figure this guy out.  Why is he a frontrunner?

Perry: Did better this time.  Poor guy admits his immunization mandate was wrong, yet everyone still piled on.  This is his Achilles Heel.

Paul: He’s now getting in the way of his own message.  First time I ever heard him booed, and for something he’s dead right on.

Gingrich: I’m getting ticked off he’s such a moral scumbag, because Newt is probably the most qualified (whereas Bachmann is the least qualified and the most moral.  Go figure).

Santorum: Time to drop out, Senator.  He’s not adding anything.

Wolf Blitzer – This guy killed me.  Good questions were asked of only one person, and dumb questions went on and on.  How hard would a “yes/no” answer on the Fair Tax been?  How about a real answer to the kid who wanted to know how much money he should get to keep of his earnings?  Romney, how does the Fair Tax put the burden on the middle class?  When Ron Paul blasted our foreign policy, got to Gingrich, not Santorum!

Time for Santorum, Paul and Bachmann to drop out.  Keep Cain and Ginrich in to keep Perry and Romney honest.

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