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Memorial Day Revisited

September 4, 2011

Tomorrow is Labor Day, but allow me the luxury of pontificating on Memorial Day, instead.  Partially because every day should be a day we acknowledge those who gave their lives for America, and partial because I’m not a laborer at the moment so that topic hits too close to home.

This year and the last few, we’ve had many more to honor, but today’s soldier is a new breed.

You should know up front that I feel these wars are unnecessary and the troops should be brought home.  Nonetheless, I am deeply impressed with our soldiers.  In WWI and II and arguably Korea, our troops consisted of Gentlemen Warriors, expected to fight valiantly and conduct themselves honorably all other times.  Viet Nam consisted of Child Warriors, to whom we owe much, and too often let down.

Today’s soldiers are Ambassador Warriors.  I’ll let these pictures illustrate that point:

These people are heroes.  I’ve heard some people state that if we withdraw now, the thousands who gave their lives would have done so in vain.  Not so.

America has made the unwise decision to try and manage the Middle East.  Not so much nation-building as democracy exporting.  We’ve forgotten the words inscribed on the Lady in the Harbor:  “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses…”  We’ve forgotten our own history, in which people desperately hungry for freedom fought for it themselves.

Those memories would give us the proper perspective.  For those in the shadow of tyranny, come here.  When enough of you are hungry, rise up against your dictators.  Freedom fighting comes from within, it can not be layered on, so our military efforts are fruitless.

Our ambassador efforts, however, are abundantly fruitful.  The man and woman in the picture above, and the tens of thousands of other ambassador warriors are exposing the impressionable people of the Middle East to what freedom offers.

Bring our troops home and that taste of freedom will become a hunger for freedom.  Withdraw from the region, we’re told, and the oppressors will take over again.  Perhaps, but they will be taking over a people ripening to rebellion.  The people will not be subjected in ignorance; they now know what freedom looks like.

When you remember our fallen heroes of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and wherever else our soldiers are in harm’s way, remember they offer freedom as well as firepower.  Our best and brightest are a beacon of hope in a frightening world.  The people of the Middle East have seen violence all their lives, but I suspect this is the first time they’ve seen Ambassador Warriors.

Call for their return and know that their efforts will resound through the Middle East until the people themselves rise up.

Thank you, soldiers.  Rest in the peace your efforts will someday instill.

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  1. September 5, 2011 9:20 am

    I started reading this from my email and was a little confused, but clicking on the link clears it up. I was a little amused because so many people I know confuse Memorial Day and Labor Day and at first I thought you were making fun of that:)

  2. September 6, 2011 10:08 am

    Me, mess up holidays? Never. I am looking forward to 4th of July next month, though.

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