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Note To Self: Never Blog about Laundry Lint. It Gets Even.

August 5, 2011

Our washing machine broke.  It’s old, it’s rusty, it’s crusted in soap…  but it was the laundry lint that did it.  Oh, I know it’s the lid switch, just as I know fixing it isn’t an option (Dear Wife sees the opportunity to get a new washer that matches our sort of new dryer, and refers me to the afore-mentioned rust and crust).  I know it sounds all innocent, but it was the laundry lint.  Because I compared my ramblings to it’s inestimable self.

It’s been busy lint, too.

Not only did it wreck the washer, our blinker board on the van (turn signals for you Southern folk) died.  A little board of cardstock with wires and solder costs $350 to repair.

Then my malicious laundry lint hopped a plane to India, messing with the integrity of a chat agent who was tasked with helping us with Dear Wife’s freezing-up laptop.

My new Indian friend, Chandra, let me know that the one-year warranty on the laptop we bought three months ago has expired, but never fear!  He would graciously give me links to forums that might help me fix it.  Remember that, it’s important to the punch line.

After haggling over a 9-month short warranty, they agreed to extend it after feet of chat window exchanges.  I’d have to send the receipt and wait 48 hours for the extension and then I could send the laptop to their repair station (in Texas, thank goodness, not India) at my expense.

So naturally, I asked for the links to check those software forums for a fix so I might avoid this cost.

“Oh, no, kind sir, this is a known hardware problem, not a software problem.  You will have to send it in.”

So, when I wasn’t under warranty, they were going to send me on a wild goose chase to forums that would not fix my problem instead of simply saying in that wonderful east indian chaccent “you’re scrooood.”

But I don’t blame Chandra.  It was the laundry lint, I tell you.

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  1. August 5, 2011 4:52 pm

    God is good. Front loader washer for $250 less than the best price I could find on the web. Take THAT, laundry lint!

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