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“The Core” Overlooked and Underappreciated

June 21, 2011

I’ve taken some heat for always posting negative reviews, so I’ll reverse that trend with a positive review, despite the fact that the critics hated it.

“The Core” is a disaster movie.  I LOVE disaster movies.  It gives and insurmountable task that no one individual can defeat. It provides deep views into human character.  Many heroic moments.  Vast apocalyptic damage.  What’s not to love?

I watched this movie (again) last night.  Still love it.  Fantastic casting, brisk plot, wonderful conflict, some quirk, some humor, wonderful turnarounds, bad but enjoyable science, and the one woman on the team isn’t a strikingly beautiful babe there for the cheesecake.  No romance, just lots of respect, affection, and teamwork.

I’m pretty sure I’ve reviewed this movie before, so no great details, just a quick analysis of why I like disaster movies.  I’m a pretty black and white kinda guy.  Give a big problem (and what’s bigger than extinction level events?) some likable characters, and death on a massive scale (well, not so much death as destruction and you can’t have one without the other).   I like this in movies, mind you, not real life.  On the one hand, it appeals to my sense of macro justice — most people deserve what they get in such movies.  On the other hand, the human spirit shines.  I love tales of true heroics – ones where fear is foundational and overcoming that fear is as titanic as the task at hand (except Green Lantern – I’m going to pan that movie in a few weeks and it will because Hal Jordan knows fear, which seems a contradictions but isn’t and I’ll explain why then).

“The Core”  A great flick!

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