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He/He and She/She Marriage

April 3, 2011

I was recently asked my opinion on gay marriage.  “Legal or spiritual?” I asked.

It really is two questions in one.  If we’re speaking about spiritual marriage, when two become one, hey, who am I to tell you what to do?  I suppose if a church is willing to conduct such a wedding, it isn’t my right or the government’s right to say yea or nay.  But ultimately, a spiritual wedding isn’t determined by me or a church or anyone else but God.  A ceremony doesn’t mean God says thumbs up.  And whether He does or not is between Him and the couple.

What about legal marriage?  It depends on your legislative philosophy.  Mine says congress should pass laws that protect/improve society.  In the case of marriage, the law has two goals: 1) Generate funds in the form of licensing fees, and 2) Encourage stable families that financially and emotionally support any children produced.

Opponents to that reasoning point out that not every male/female marriage results in children, either by choice or happenstance.  Doesn’t matter.  Congress can’t pass specific laws of this kind.  And studies show that married male/female spouses are by and large stable and happy.

In gay marriage, funds can be generated, but stable families are not a governmental concern.  Studies show that such marriage does not create stability.  Doesn’t mean a gay couple can’t be stable, but so far more aren’t than are.

Civil unions for gay and living-together couples address desired legal issues and can be more specific than marriage with variable contracts.  That seems to address their needs better than “marriage.”  What they call it, of course, is up to the couple.

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