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It’s Just a Superhero Movie, So What’s the Beef?

January 16, 2011

I’ve already pointed out that I thought the Green Hornet movie was awful; funny bits, but still awful.  I’ve been challenged by friends who say, “it’s just a comic book movie, so what if it’s stupid?”

First, it’s based on a radio show that spawned spin-off TV series, comics and TV movies.  Let’s be accurate, here.  Second, the source material was all played straight.  Thirdly, it’s a story and stories should be good if you’re paying bucko bucks to see it.

The latest movie, starring Seth Rogan, was abysmal on theatrical, literature, story, and societal counts.

This Britt Reid was clueless, immoral, disgusting, and flat out unlikable.  Charm based on sexism, ignorance, and crudity fails on all levels.  Could this Britt be a hero?  No.  Could he really earn Kato’s friendship/respect and still be Kato?  No (Though the actor playing Kato was very good, when allowed to be). Could he fail to lose the Sentinel through numerous lawsuits?  Be a believable fighter?  Be mistaken for someone with any fashion sense?  No.

This multi-million dollar film looked like it was filmed by YouTube amateurs with nothing but their lunch money for a budget (okay, they get points for blowing up so much stuff without killing any stuntmen or actors).  The script, if there was one, played more like a loose improv instead of a well-constructed hero’s-journey.  Rather than discovering the “hero within” that transforms Britt into a human of substance, he just proves his father right, aborting the dramatic question and building an unbelievable character.  The reliance on stupid-humor reflects horribly on a culture that seems to thrive on it.

And when a ’60’s TV show has a better costume than this Green Hornet, you know something is wrong.

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