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SunTrust Rocks

November 5, 2010

The hardest thing in business is to get the right people on the bus in the right seats. When I left SunTrust four years ago, they were struggling to do this and had a long way to go. Now, four years later, I’m back at SunTrust and I’m blown away.

Right bus, right people, right seats. Really great people doing what they do best.

The second thing businesses struggle with is marketing and branding. The two disciplines are distinct but symbiotic. ST was just beginning to build momentum four years ago and now, again, I’m blown away.

They’ve taken branding to the next level and marketing has matched it in lockstep. SunTrust lives and breathes client-centric branding. The intranet is phenomenal, and the Internet sites and use of social media is in a class by itself. Training is also off the chart (glad I’m there).

ST has always had its banking philosophy down solid. It’s why they did so much better than other banks in the downturn. Now they’ll be the first to break with the pack during recovery.

Seriously, deeply impressed. Wow.

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