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Digital Memory Shortcomings

September 13, 2010

As I look for a new job, I am activating my network of contacts; those I’ve lost touch with have been easily found with an Internet search.  Thinking back, I’ve gotten in touch with several old friends… all through the web.

Just for fun, I did a search for my grandfather who’s been gone for 33 years.  I figure he was one of the country’s leading businessmen as VP of AT&T sixty some years ago, so there’s a chance, right?  Not a single hit.  Sad.  Grandpa was a true leader of people.  He built  people up, envisioned his teams, and helped build ATT into a Fortune 10 company.  He’s gone, but he is one of a handful of people whose approval I seek.  I’d give anything for another conversation, a piece of advice, anything….

The Internet has had incredible negative impact on our society, but as a digital memory, it’s not bad.  Lost people can be found, distant people kept in touch.  How sad that only our generation has this advantage.  It would be wonderful if we could span the last millennium or two for just average folks.   Sure, historical figures can be looked up, but little people?  Not so much.

How would that be?  To have a Way-Back Facebook that would allow us to chat with people from a different era…

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