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Short-Sighted Bumper Sticker

August 7, 2010

“The Last Time We Mixed Religion and Politics, People Were Burned at the Stake.”  That’s what the bumper sticker said, going for a pithy comment, but it fails on so many levels, most recently on GW Bush’s government support of faith-based initiatives.  Funny thing about that. As a result, many Christian psychologists were granted security clearances otherwise unattainable.  Not only did that fund groups giving other needed help, when 9/11 happened, a little known aspect of recovery was the hundreds of psychologist summoned to help survivors and the local community deal with something horrendous.  If the faith-based initiative hadn’t been in place, there would not have been enough professionals to deal with the overwhelming task and those few would have presented a fairly one-sided treatment “how did the buildings fall make you feel?”

A theocracy IS dangerous, make no mistake.  We see that in the Muslim world and Rome.  Our Constitution prevents a fundamentalist president from overstepping his boundaries, but it might give that president resources of value.  Mixing religion with politicians is probably a good idea.

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