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Stop the World, We Have to get Off!

July 30, 2010

Watch any group of animals who experience repeated great change in their habitat; regular encroachment by poachers, deforestation, natural disaster, overpopulation, depopulation, capture and bouncing from zoo to zoo, AND living in plenty or the extinction of common predators (safety)… and you’ll watch a group of animals go insane.  Elephants, normally gentle creatures, become violent and aberrant.  Smaller animals resort to cannibalism and perversion.  Constant habitat change is dangerous to a species.

Humanity experiences major habitat change every year and sometimes in a matter of months.  Technology used to double every 15 years.  Small change took place, but nothing drastic.  Then as the cycle between pure science, applied science, and commercialized science stepped up once communication between scientists increased, technology began to double every year, and some reports say it now doubles every 15 days.  Consider some of the game changers in the last several decades.  TV kicked it off.  Interstate systems. Digital calculators, word processors, PCs, the Internet, the cell phone revolution…  Think about the distance between TV, the interstate system, and digital calculators.  Decades. PCs to  the World Wide Web, the most impactful event in history, years.  The cell phone revolution, months.

That’s drastic, continual habitat change.  We internalize the culture shock fairly well, but can anyone deny that a good bulk of the human population is becoming more aberrant and violent?  Some say crime hasn’t increased, just our awareness of it through the media.  No, don’t think so (and the media is another game changer… we are more aware and that’s had a huge impact on the fear ratio of our society).  Boundaries have come off in this anything-goes world.  Technology shock is largely to blame, or at least leaves us more susceptible to our inner sin that is always trying to consume us.  The flames of avarice are constantly fanned.

What’s the answer to an ever-changing world.  A tighter grasp on He who never changes.

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