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June 22, 2010

I don’t doubt that President Obama is smart (though how he comes to the nutball conclusions he continually deadends into, I have no idea).  Contrary to public opinion, Bush was smart, too.  But both had the same problem.  Because of inexperience, Obama and Bush had no idea what resources they have/had available to them.  Bush was smart enough to surround himself with people who did; Obama surrounds himself with people as clueless as he is with the possible exception of Hillary, who must be running her own agenda IF she’s allowed into his decision-making.

Bush would have bungled the oil spill on his own, but since he wasn’t alone, he would have aced it (see 9/11)… not to mention his contacts in the oil biz would have been a hole card.  Obama is struggling more than an oil-soaked bird.  What amazes me, is that so many Obamaphiles are blind to it.

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