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Karate Kid Reduex

June 21, 2010

Great flick! Jackie Chan’s best role ever and Jaden Smith will be around for a long time. Friends told me it was slow, but I really appreciated the development. This remake fixed the many flaws of the original (why a martial arts master would be a maintenance man at a run down apartment; what the master received from the son, etc.) Most of all, you could believe that Dray’s training could make him ready for the tournament. Daniel was a whiney brat who’s mom could probably beat him up. Here, you saw Dray WORK. I liked the switch to China, and to Kung Fu, wish Harry had been more than a device, wouldn’t have minded if they switched up some other core elements, and loved the rework of Han as a broken down man who happened to know Kung Fu and needed this child to show him the pervasive meaning of it. Great work all around. (To be fair, this movie had the other to work from; springboarding choices is always easier than creating them.)

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