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My Back has Good Intentions

April 25, 2010

At the ripe old age of 46, my back has taken on new responsibilities.

Used to be I’d get back spasms that would cripple me for a couple days.  Throw that sucker out and turn into a troll for three days and an ogre for several days thereafter.

Now my back is just looking out for me.  Twice in the last week I’ve been working too hard and my back cries “FOUL!”  I don’t throw it out, I just can’t get up.  I’ve made the discovery that when you’re scraping up tile or laying tile, or whatever, if you can’t get up to move on to the next task, you have to just sit and wait.  And rest.

Previously, my back would wrap me into a pretzel.  Now lightning flashes of pain prevent me from standing.  I can sit still with no pain, but try and move and “zing.”  After twenty minutes of just sitting there, I can finally get up.

My back has become a bug zapper and guess who’s the bug?

(Side story:  Charli has named her stomach with the logic that you can’t really vilify a balky organ unless you can call it something.  She calls her tummy “Caroline.”  I’ve never heard of that before (not applied to a stomach, anyway).  I guess I could call my back “Old Sparky”….)

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