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Why a Cross?

March 30, 2010

A lot of people think the date had a lot to do with why God chose that particular time period for Christ to come to Earth and die for our sin.

Maybe.  He can work anything to His ends, but ultimately, he chose a time that must have been particularly hard for Him as a Father.

Some South American tribes had modes of execution that were lengthy and torturous, but when it came to Europe and Asia, the Roman were the only ones to draw it out.  Almost every other time period had quick executions.  Crucifixion was the only form of execution that could take days with the victim awake for every horrible moment.

In that day on the cross (and the hours before it), Jesus suffered in a manner  exceeding sufferers of any time period, anywhere.    God could easily rise above empathy, but He chose not to.  When his hand goes out to the most hurt among us, it isn’t an empty gesture.  He’s been there.  For the vast majority of us, his suffering makes our minor wounds look small.  That was the cost of our sin that He paid with very dear coin.

I read recently a writer who claimed the resurrection was completely unbelievable.  I find His choice to suffer in our stead to be even more unbelievable.  And yet I do believe the unbelievable, which means someone is enabling me believe.  And that is the simple proof that tells me He’s real.  He’s done the unthinkable and allows me to believe the unbelievable.  Who says he can’t make a rock so big He can’t lift it?

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