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Government Fiscal Traps

March 7, 2010

I just did my corporate taxes.  For my personal taxes, I use TurboTax, which takes a lot of the sting out of it, but there is no software for my company taxes.  But just because there is software doesn’t make our current tax system constitutional.

Our government and the evil IRS expect to gain back the tax lost from loopholes by making the tax code so complex that fines will run into the billions.  Yet the constitution clearly demands that the income tax instated to cover WWII (which has since ended and so the income tax should too) be not unduly difficult so the average citizen could understand it.   HA!  It’s a snake pit!

Clearly, the US needs taxes to operate, but and INCOME tax is pure stupidity.  It penalizes people for making money.  The current system ensures that we will be taxed multiple times on each dollar… which is inherently unfair.  Florida earns it’s taxes in a sales tax.  Makes complete sense.  Unfortunately, they also tax companies, who pass the tax on to us as cost of goods sold.  Why the middle man?  Why spend trillions on the IRS and collection of income taxes when it would be easy and an economy stimulus to ONLY collect sales tax?

It’s as underhanded as the lottery, which robs from the poor to pay the government.  Most lottery winners go bankrupt because the supposed tax-free lottery winnings are actually tax-deferred.  Poor money management (which made them poor to begin with) ensures stupid spending so when taxes come due, they don’t have enough to pay the IRS, so the IRS takes everything.  Supposedly, lottery proceeds go to education (they don’t, since they displace other money budgeted to education rather than supplement it), but where do the IRS seizures go?  Who gets that money?

Our government should be ashamed… but politicians are shameless, so the government goes on ripping people off.  Sad, sad, sad.

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