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God is Not a Party Pooper

February 22, 2010

Almost all unbelievers and unfortunately many believers think Christianity is a “Thou Shalt Not” religion.  The Galatians series at church has been very good at dispelling that idea, especially supplemented by Dr. B’s teaching on Sonship.  Add that to the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University lessons and I’ve been inundated with one fact.

God wants to free us up to live a BIG LIFE.

The stereotype portrays Christians as sheltered, secluded, conservative, and comfortable in their heavily edited lives.   And so many of us (ME!) are.

I think about the many chains God is telling us to cast off (because even one chain will hold a life down)–Sin, guilt, financial desperation, perspective, identity… if we don’t perceive ourselves accurately as chosen, blessed, justified, and fully adopted, if we are strapped down by the entertainment clouding out brains, by financial debt and poor spending habits, if we don’t approach life as God wills us to–not because we have to but because it’s in our own best interest–we have no choice but to live the stereotypical life.

On the other hand, if we get our heart, head, relationships, and finances in order, our lives will be HUGE.  Imagine being able to fly off to Haiti to really pitch in; to travel to the Holy Land to see where the Bible took place; to ANSWER GOD’S CALL no matter what it is or where it will take us…

When we see the spiritual application (which is amazingly down-to-Earth) in the parable of the money managers entrusted with talents, what the rich man further entrusts to the wise manager isn’t just more financial wealth, but a bigger role in God’s actions on Earth.

Party pooper?  No way; He wants to give us something to CELEBRATE!

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