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More on My International Conversation

January 25, 2010

A particularly astute European pointed out in our online political chat that, “You Americans love your system of government and hate your politicians.  This is messed up.”

Too true.  But the best people systems in our fallen world are not those which rely on people’s “inherent goodness” as our idealists and liberals like to promote.  Instead, they are those systems which use people’s inherent corruption to check and balance each other.

Perhaps at some point, politicians have the good of the people at heart.  Then they discover to be effective they must compromise.  Then they realize to have a voice they must get re-elected, and compromise gives way to opportunism.  Soon thereafter, staying in office becomes the be-all and end-all and every decision is made to buy votes.  Our only hope is that by pandering to their varying constituency, politicians are forced to do some good by accident.

Is that cynicism or realism?  You tell me.

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