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Irony… Bittersweet

January 22, 2010

I’ve been webalogging with a fellow from Italy who decries America on several levels, from our stingy-ness with foreign aid (?!!!?) to our “devastating” economic system that has plunged the world into crisis.

The disconnect is killing me.  He is a proponent of socialism and Chi-communism because somehow capitalism is “soulless.”  Then he complains that because of our great blessings, we owe the world assistance.

Our blessings are without doubt derived from God, but the channel of that blessing is capitalism and freedom, at least in the US.  We’re inundated with ads proclaiming the desperate need of Africa, Asia, South and Central America, then inundated with blogs and articles about how evil we are for wanting to spread freedom and capitalism to the world along with the aid we send.  “We want your fish, but not your instructions on how to catch fish!”

Another fellow suggested to help Haiti, why not offer to build a new Gitmo there.  A military complex always brings industrial advantage and jobs.  We going to be there helping for a long time to come, why not give them an indigenous prosperity.  The host pointed out that we’d just be accused of using natural disaster to occupy Haiti.


Our system works.  They want to profit from a handout, why not a hand up?

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