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Haiti Outcry

January 18, 2010

Heard a radio announcer complaining that the thousands of illegal Haitians currently in the country are being allowed to stay while thousands more will be pouring into Florida (he wasn’t heartless; the radio dude considers this a different issue than the earthquake and their desperate need).

Then he said something that really irked me:  “…They’ll be taking jobs that belong to us Americans!”

Please.  One of the highest illiterate rated countries will be allowed to complete with “us” for jobs.  Three important points:

1) In this globalized, Internet threaded world, we’re already competing with everyone on the planet for good jobs.

2) So what?  Jobs should go to the best candidates, not to “us” if we aren’t.

3) And, finally, anyone who has not taken advantage of the free education and secondary education options in this country and CAN’T compete with Haitians doesn’t deserve a job.

Let them come.  Let us help them.  With all our opportunity, who better to offer a hand?

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